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Product Detail
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Code 2440X1220X3MM
Series Tile floor plastic protection board
Product Detail

Plastic Sheet(Floor protection)

Thickness: 2mm transparent hollow board

Regular width: less than 1600mm

Maximum width: 2300mm

Length: can be customized

Regular weight: 400 g / square meter

The weight range that can be produced: 175 g/m2 to 650 g/m2

Color: white, transparent natural, blue, black, etc.;

Can be customized hollow plates of various shapes, hollow boards of various hardness;


Floor protection:

For surface protection, easy to handle cost-effective plastic protection. Any size, any shape, plastic sheet can be cut, bent or creased, and pearl foam is added to fit any function that requires 100% protection.


Lightweight and easy to position

Rugged and impact resistant

Non-toxic, chemical resistant

Available in flame retardant version

Perfect protection:

Wall and floor

Stairs and pillars

All types of architectural features.

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