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Hollow plate turnover box
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Hollow plate turnover box
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Product Detail

The plastic box is made of PP as a folding box, a cover box and other related plastic products. It can be screen printed, durable, moisture-proof, waterproof, tough, transport safe, and upgraded.

The boxed packaging container made of plastic has many characteristics such as low density, light weight, easy processing, and the like, and the appearance can be transparent or opaque. It is widely used in various industries.

Advantages of plastic packaging:

1, easy to shape, as long as the mold is replaced, you can get different types of containers, and easy to form large-scale production.

2, the packaging effect is good, easy to color, bright color, can be made according to the needs of different types of packaging containers, to obtain exclusive packaging effect.

3, has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance; and has good mechanical strength.

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